Shopping in bulk is a great way to pair value with efficiency.  You get exactly what you want in the quantity you want it in.  We have a huge varierty of products in bulk; everything from raw grains to snacks to granolas to flour etc.  Our bulk spices are unmatched ounce for ounce against buying bottled spices, wait until you see how much you can save on the spices you use every day.

In addition to bulk foods, we have teas and herbs in bulk as well as song soaps, shampoos, and lotions.  Stop in and browse around...


Shopping Bulk Is Responsible

  • Reduced packaging waste.  There is less packaging involved when you buy in bulk compared to buying a similar product from the grocery shelf.  And don't forget that you can bring in your own bags/containers and save $0.15 per pound on that product!*
  • Reduced food waste.  Buy the portion you need without being confined to an amount defined by pre-packaged products is a benefit.
  • Save money.  Bulk products typically cost less than their pre-packaged counterparts.


How to Shop Bulk

We have bags for dry goods, 16oz and 32oz plastic containers for liquid products, and bag ties available; or else bring your own container of choice*.  Once you fill your bag or container (unless you bought your own), you'll want to note the PLU number on the bin.  We have a scale for customers that allows you to get a price and a printer sticker label that our cashier can scan at checkout; having the label will also alleviate some potential confusion when you get home and try to remember what spice that brown powder was, or what type of flour you bought.

* Note: Be sure to weigh your container before you fill it so you can tell the cashier your tare weight.



Check out this bulk cooking guide for some instruction on how to cook with some bulk products, once you read how easy it is to prepare the same items you might buy canned, you'll be a bulk convert for sure.

Bulk Cooking Guide